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Quarantine: The Loners, Book 1

Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas Rating 5/10Quarantine has a very interesting setting – a high school. All the students are trapped in the building, until the day they “grow up” and can be released without being a hazard to the outside world due to a virus they all have.I think more world building and explanation was needed in the beginning of the book. It felt as if you are only told half the story and I suggest that you try not to over think the plot if you want to ultimately enjoy the novel.But when the book really start going, and you ignore the plot holes in the beginning, things really heat up! The story is exciting and different and it makes you think – what if? The novel is also very fast paced, with lots of action and with even more violence. I have no doubt that if a virus like that breaks out, people will do exactly the same. We are flawed as humans and the cruelty of the human race still manages to slap me in the face every now and then. Not to mention the stupidity.As mentioned there are two brothers trapped in the school together: David is seen as the good brother in this novel, where Will is seen as the bad one. David seems to have a lot of compassion and you can easily relate to him. But Will was annoying and all I wanted to do was slap him half of the book! Oh and then there is a bit of a love interest, which really tears and their already strained relationship. But this all leads to some interesting things happening.I must mention that I love the title and cover of this book! It is what drew me to it in the first place – it just looks like a great thriller with some mystery. And the Quarantine line is very striking.The ending however left me with a lot of questions, almost as much as I had in the beginning. I think I will read the next one, but I won’t rush to get it.