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The Oathbreaker's Shadow - Amy McCulloch What if there was a way that all your promises could be kept, that if anyone broke a promise they made to you, you would know? What if the person that betrays your trust would be haunted by your ‘haunt’ for the rest of their lives and even get an ugly scar in the process? Would you do it? Would you be ok with them being exiled out of the community? If yes, then let me ask you this: What if you made a promise you couldn’t remember and at anytime you could break it? Would you want to live in a world like this?This is the fantasy world of Raim, a trained fighter and best friend of the prince Khareh. When things go horribly wrong, Raim has to accept the cards he has been dealt and try to survive while keeping his most sacred promise – protect Khareh at all costs and not break his trust.The Oathbreaker’s Shadow turns out to be one hell of a fantasy thrill ride, with a very believable world. Not once did I roll my eyes, it all made sense and it all felt very real. The world is so richly described that at times I wished that I could be in it. Sure there were a few critters and people that I would not like to encounter, but they just made this story that much more interesting.Raim was a character I could sympathize with and I enjoyed his morals and the growth of his character. Khareh intrigues me, I have so many questions about this character and I can’t wait to find out what the story behind the story is. Then there are a whole host of other characters that I thought were interesting and introduced well throughout the novel.The cover and the title are very fitting and they definitely drew me to the novel and this is a series that I would follow and an author I would keep an eye on. So if you love a great fantasy novel, I suggest checking this one out!