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Blackwood - Gwenda Bond Miranda is an outcast, branded as a Freak. It also doesn’t help that her dad is the town drunk. But she goes through life trying to cope, until one day the unexplainable happens and a 114 towns people disappear, among them her father and her friend. The story of The Lost Colony is a very interesting one and very intriguing! I love how it was brought into this novel to give the whole story a mystery that I was clambering to read about in the beginning of this novel!About half way through the book lost me completely. The pace just seemed to speed up to where I didn’t know what was going on anymore. Re-reading sentences weren’t working and it seemed as if the story jumped from major scenes to other major scenes in one paragraph. I felt as if the book was rushed, which is very sad as I really enjoyed the first part and was thoroughly intrigued by the mystery.Miranda is a strange character that I could understand for about half of the book, then things got very fast and hard to keep up with. Phillips was an interesting character to read about, you could relate and feel sorry for him having to leave the Island because of his “gift”.I must also say that I think the cover is beautiful and it really drew me to the book. And after reading the book I also thinks it fits it nicely.So overall a very intriguing story that lost me in the crazy rush of the pace at the end.