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Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown Short and Sweet:Calder is a merman looking for payback for what the Hancock family did to his family. But what happens when he falls in love with a Hancock? With his mermaid sisters pressuring him, what is he going to do?What I ThoughtLies Beneath was a refreshing and exciting tale of revenge, love and sacrifice. It was my first reading experience with mermaids as the supernatural element and I must say it did not disappoint!I just loved reading from a male point of view! It was a great change to my normal reading. The whole merpeople phenomena is fascinating and I think Anne Greenwood Brown has made me want to explore these creatures even more!Lily wasn’t my favorite character and I found myself caring more about her sister and dad. But she grew on me and in the end she pulled me into her corner.Oh and Calder’s three mermaid sisters! They are so delectably evil and dazzling and I even felt a bit of a connection to Tallulah (meaning “leaping water” – how beautiful is that!) because her nickname is Lu. And so is mine :)This was captivatingly dark and if you are not careful a gorgeous merman might just drag you under with him! So take that Disney! This is the way I like my merpeople!What I liked:* The Merpeople aren’t the friendly look at my pretty tail type. They are ruthless and sometimes true to the word monster type.* I also liked that Lily didn’t just fall all over Calder in the first 5 minutes. She put up a good fight.What I didn’t like:* As fantastic as I think this was, I felt a bit predictable to me.***Spoilers*** and Questions:- Sooo Jason and Calder are brothers, well not by blood, but they are in the same “school”. It might be a bit weird with Lily, but I say go for it!- Killing all those people to survive must take a big toll on a person. But given that these are mythical creatures, they might see and feel things differently?