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The Weepers: The Other Life  - Susanne Winnacker Rating 7/10This was a very short yet intriguing novel about life after a zombie out break. It has been just over 3 years since the government told everyone to hide in bunkers and not come out until they say it is safe. And from here on out the novel grabs you and refuses to let go!I love all zombie books and this was no exception. It kept me reading and entertained all the way through. I felt like something was missing though, maybe I feel this way because it was such a short read? However even though it was short the author still managed to write an engaging story with unforgettable characters.Sherry is a sweet girl who quickly learns to hold her own and fights with the dashing Joshua to get her father back. A whole host of other characters are also introduced and I look forward reading about them more in the next installment. I also love how the characters have to adjust to this new world after the zombie apocalypse and how it relates to the title.You won’t want to miss this novel if you like zombies and a action packed story! I will definitely read the next in the series.What I liked:* Zombies!!What I didn’t like:* Too short