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The Peculiars - Maureen Doyle McQuerry Rating 6/10Received from NetgalleyThis was a very inventive and unique story. Lena’s journey is interesting and very well described although at times maybe too much. On Lena’s search for her father she gets side tracked and lands herself a job as a assistant Librarian at Mr. Beasley’s Zephyr House. But let me tell you, what I really loved was Mr. Beasley’s Library! I want to stay there forever and never leave. There are books and trinkets in there that sounds so fascinating!This book takes place in the 1800′s and Peculiars are considered dangerous and things without souls. I found it very interesting how they were treated just because they are different to the norm. The other themes discussed, like human rights, mistreatment and intolerance are also brought up throughout this novel. I also loved the Author’s writing style and the concept of Peculiars. I hope to learn more about these people and what it really means to be a Peculiar!However it starts of very slow and there is a lack of adventure. I felt that more should have happened on Lena’s journey intro Scree, it was just too short. A build up with not a lot of pay out. The ending however was exciting and it leaves you wanting more!If you are looking for a Romance this is not for you. If you like a little Steampunk with unique characters then give this a shot.What I liked:* Interesting characters* Great themes* Very well writtenWhat I didn’t like:* Slow Paced* Chapter names give too much awayAlso on my blog: http://amugglesmagicalbookblog.co.za/wp/?p=2421