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Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires Series #1)

Glass Houses - Rachel Caine My Take (Mild Spoilers):What i liked about this book is that the Vampires are actually scary and a bit creepy :) The story line might not have been the best but atleast you don't find a girl falling in love with a Vampire :P Not that i have anything against it, its just a nice change!I did wonder why someone didn't just slap Monica, but oh well i guess the vampires will come and get you :P I was also annoyed that everyone kept treating Clare like a "kid" when they themselves are only a year or two older. A bit hypocritical if you ask me. For some unexplainable reason the book also reminded me a bit of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I will read more of this series and if you haven't read this one yet, give it a shot and see what you think.Oh and one hell of a cliffhanger!My Questions:Why does Clare not just leave when poeple start beating on her? Talk about hanging on for dear life for no real reason than to go to school?Why could she not just be 18? It would have taken a lot of the "you're to young" annoying scenarios out?Favourite Quote:"Damn, Claire. Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something"- ShaneLink to the Author:http://www.rachelcaine.com/My Rating:5/10Next Installment:The Dead Girl's Dance by Rachel Caine