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Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel 9/10I fell in love with the world Rebecca Maizel created and could not tear myself away from this amazing novel. The way Lenah transcends between Vampire Queen and a 16 year old human is done very well, and only writing like Rebecca Maizel's could pull it off.The love for her Coven and for Justin, even though they clash is shown and respected so well that you can't help feeling for each and every character in this novel.These Vampires are ruthless and cruel and that is a nice change. Strong characters, great storyline that grabs you from the first word.Lenah is so full of emotion and so interesting that you can't help be fascinated by her! The world around her is written so well that you feel connected to it.I can't wait to see what happens next and I can't recommend this book highly enough! It might just been one of my favourites.*********Spoilers**********Rhode's sacrifice was heart wrenching and you can see he truly loved Lenah!I loved Tony and his death was really sad. I felt that Lenah sacrificed so much towards the end, that Tony's death was just one more thing that made up her mind to do what she did. Vicken might not have deserved it in my eyes, but Lenah knew how it felt to be so tormented and she loved Vicken even through it all.