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A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent - Marie Brennan 9/10This was one amazing novel! Lady Isabella Trent just wants to do her own thing, study dragons and devour all the books she can. She wants knowledge and to be accepted for her intellect. Her mother doesn’t approve of course, but her father sees that his little girls wants more out of life. And so her life takes a turn for the better. But you will have to read and find out all the juicy details yourself!The setting was fantastic. Set in a Victorian style fantasy land, Lady Trent raises quite a few eyebrows with her search for knowledge. And this is the kind of lady I like! There were quite a few times when I could identify with her, here are a few quotes I enjoyed:“I wanted, in short, the intellectual life of a gentlemen – or as close to it as I could come.”“A scientist must never reason ahead of his data, Mrs Camherst.”The search for knowledge, science and discovery was right up my ally (archaeology student) and I was enjoying the information about dragons just as much as Lady Trent did! An expedition into the unknown and then add dragons?! +100 points in my book. It felt like what the Victorian era would have been like, had there been dragons. So I found it realistic yet fantastical. I also found all the descriptions about dragons, their habitats, their names and oh let’s not forget the art depicted in the novel (see some below) to be a real treat! The title and the cover both attracted me right away and it represented the book correctly.So if you like dragons, and you like the age of discovery with some science thrown in, then this is something you have to read!