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The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken Ruby lives a miserable life at Thurmond (the camp). The kids are not allowed to step out of line, touch each other or even have contact with their parents. In this dystopian society, kids are deemed unsafe and dangerous. Then something unexpected happens and Ruby is on the run from the camp’s security, the government and the “bounty hunters”.Ruby is a scared teen that struggles to understand herself, her abilities and how the world seems to have just changed overnight. In a world where fear is rampant and kids are feared, she along with some new friends start fighting for their freedom. A lot of things happened in this book which were really heart-wrenching. Nobody is safe and hardly anyone can be trusted.This was a very well written novel that will grab you by the heart and squeeze it regularly. The story line was very unique and a very sad, yet interesting setting kept the pages turning.There is a very beautiful romance that doesn’t overshadow the premises and it is one that I will be rooting for all the way! But don’t let this fool you, this is a dark and gritty novel that will stay with you for a while!