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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Rating 9/10Nick and his wive Amy have a seemingly normal and happy relationship. Until one day Amy goes missing. Where is she? And most importantly, did Nick have anything to do with it?What I Thought:I’m trying my best not to start my review with the word wow. It just doesn’t seem fitting enough, so how about incredible!? Yea I think incredible works for this novel that had me gasping and swearing as I turned pages.Nick and Amy have a fascinating relationship, and every now and then you read something and think, hey I know what that feels like, or I have done that to my partner. It is in this sense that the book is a really great relationship do and don’t guide. But don’t be fooled their relationship is not the norm, sure they fight like other couples, they have little things they love about each other, but Amy and Nick will blow you away with their crazy love/hate relationship!The plot is so vivid and delectably concocted that you can’t help be amazed and surprised at the twists and turns. And just as you think you know a character the rug gets pulled from under you.Not predictable and a definite must read if you like Thrillers! Even if you don’t, give this one a shot, it was something unique and fantastic!What I liked:* Reading from both characters perspective* Mystery and IntrigueWhat I didn’t like:***Spoiler ***The ending, I really really wanted some vengeance! I wanted her to die or get sent to jail or something!