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Undeadly (Harlequin Teen) - Michele Vail Molly can make zombies, but this isn’t something rare. There are lots of people with gifts that can make zombies and even maintain them. Then there are also ghouls, spirits and ancient Egyptian myths and legends! This is the norm, and you even have classes that teach you about everything zombies!Molly’s life changes when she turns 16 – a destiny that will bring hardship and adventure that she can’t even imagine! She is a fun character that keeps you entertained but you also get a whole bunch of supporting characters that are interesting and only add to this unique story. The story flew past in a haze of fun and delight and I am sure every YA lover would enjoy this just as much as I did.Molly’s way of talking did get a bit of on my nerves but it is the way teenagers talk these days (well from what I have heard), so I can’t say it is in-genuine. I did however laugh a few times at the things she said, which made up for it. I also have to say what I really loved about this novel: the romance wasn’t the normal YA romance and it only made the story more interesting.I think the cover didn’t really portray the story. It needed to be more fun and comes across as a very serious story. But of course it doesn’t detract from the story which is one of the most fun and entertaining zombie novels I have read to date.