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One Moment - Kristina McBride Rating 9/10This is one of those books you will never forget. It has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat and to keep those pages turning. Mystery, Romance, Drama and such a great group of friends that you will wish you had when you were growing up.Maggie is such a easy character to relate to. She is sweet and honest and you feel her pain of loosing Joey. Joey is that wild boy that takes risk that we all know and love, he seems to light up the room – and you can understand why he is such a integral part of the group of friends.This novel is not about trying to figure out what you think happened at the top of the cliff, it is about an emotional journey through the lives of 5 teenagers trying to figure out who they were, and who they are now after what has happened.I must also mention that I love the cover. It is so simplistic but yet it tells a story and it certainly caught my eye. And the title is just perfect!This most certainly was a very unique and heart wrenching book, and I actually found myself crying. A definite re-read worthy novel that I think everyone should read. I will keep an eye out for any book this author decides to write.What I liked:* Emotional* UniqueWhat I didn’t like:* I couldn’t find my tissues while reading this novel.