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Shift - Kim Curran Scott is your average 16 year old. He goes to school, tries to get out of family dinners and hangs out with his best friend. Until one day everything changes. Next moment he is being trained to handle his ability with other kids much younger than him.I liked the way Scott interacted with the younger kids. I also think they added something nice to the story. Then there is kick-ass Aubrey that shows Scott the good and bad side of shifting. I like that the romance wasn’t the drive behind the story – it made for a nice change.So as you can see I really enjoyed this novel. It reminded me a bit of Jumper the movie. There was action, plots and subplots and then some intrigue. At times it felt a bit middle-grade to me, but still very enjoyable.There were a few things that were a little hard for me to believe in, but mostly the plot flowed seamlessly. I think a bit more could have been explained about how shifting works and why you can’t change all the bad things that happen, but it didn’t make the book less enjoyable.I think the problem lay in the characters. They were a bit flat, and if I could have felt more for them, or if they could have drawn me in more, it would have made all the difference. Same goes for the villain Benjo! I just could not believe he was real. I must also mention that I absolutely love the cover! It drew me in because it looked so action packed, and that is exactly what I got. So if you like a fast paced, action sci-fi that is a bit middle grade, then this is for you!Some quotes I enjoyed:“If you see a ship on the top of a mountain, a woman’s fanny got it there.” Not only was I horrified I’d just heard Hugo’s rather attractive mother say “fanny” I also didn’t have an idea what she’d been on about. But I do now.“But that’s the way life works, right? Just when you think you’re in control, just when you think you’re the master of your own destiny, fate comes along and reminds you that you are her bitch.”