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Dark Companion - Marta Acosta Dark Companion was definitely something new and intriguing. Jane is someone you can really feel for and you can understand why she doesn’t think she deserves much or that she thinks that she should be treated a certain way. This novel brings to light topics like addiction and self-worth in a very interesting way.The story was very slow paced which I understood was to build mystery, but I wanted something more. I felt like more needed to happen and I found myself a bit bored at times. But in saying this I must mention the story haunted me each day until I finished it and found out all the secrets it held!I must also mention that there is a character named Mary Violet who I really loved! She was fun and funny and really helped me be interested in the story a bit more. The male characters did a bit of a tug of war with my feelings, I kept switching between them. The eternal optimist in me didn’t want to let either of them be “bad” and I kept changing my mind about them!Definitely a unique read with a strange tale that you should read if this is your sort of thing!What I liked:* Interesting* Great MythologyWhat I didn’t like:* Very slow paced