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Stolen Nights: A Vampire Queen Novel

Stolen Nights - Rebecca Maizel This was one of the hardest novels that I have ever had to rate. Words cannot express how much I LOVED Infinite Days, the previous novel in the series. Since I put Infinite Days down roughly a year ago I have been basically salivating for Stolen Nights. Now here comes the hard part, was it good? Yes it was! It just wasn’t what I was expecting. The novel takes some twists and turns that felt at times like a completely different story than I fell in love with. But also at times it was exactly what I wanted!The writing is still fantastic and the story and setting still gripping. Lenah felt like she changed though, which is to be expected. I was just not a big fan of her, especially the way she was stringing Justin and Rhode along. She made up for it in the end tho, and WOW what an ending!!! Now I have to pine for the next in the series, that is if there is one!?So I guess that is why this is getting 4 sugary cupcakes from me. I loved it and it left me wanting more! It looses 1 because I felt that some characters did things just for the sake of fitting into the story line and not how they would normally have acted.But let me gush some more! The heartbreak and joy I felt while reading the novel is what makes Rebecca Maizel such a great author. She makes you feel things and thus leaves you thinking about the novel long after you have finished it.Oh and more Rhode please! *Swoon*