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Shadowland (The Immortals, Book 3) - Alyson Noël If it wasn’t for the last 50 pages or so this review might have been a very different. Even though I love Ever’s story, I was disappointed by Shadowland. It was slower than the previous books in the series, and I felt that nothing really happened.There was however a few things that made it better, like Jude. He was a new and fresh character and I hope that if I decide to read the next one, that he will be in it to spice things up a bit.Roman… why is he still in the story? He is boring and predictably evil. The Twins make a great edition although the whole “let’s take them in and become parents” bit might have pushed Ever over the edge. And why shouldn’t it? She is 17 and not 100′s of years old like Damen.I now no longer think Damen and Ever should be together and I fear if I read the next one I will be disappointed if they stay together.Spoiler:I can’t wait to see what Haven makes of her new Immortal life – this together with Jude will most likely make me read the next one… Someday when I’m bored.