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Undead and Unemployed (Betsy Taylor Series #2)

Undead and Unemployed - MaryJanice Davidson Betsy is the queen of the vampires, forced into this position she doesn't really want. She is also "married" to a hot vampire, Eric Sinclair, this she also didn't intend. She has two best friends who would do anything for her and a whole host of other interesting characters in her life. But most of all Betsy is addicted to shoes! She even gets a job as Macy's to be around them and of course to make her own money.Now don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying this series so far! It is fun and quirky, but, yep there is a but... Betsy just Bitches at everyone CONSTANTLY about EVERYTHING. She is not happy when anyone tries to help or if they don't help. If anyone opens their mouths she is instantly annoyed and has to put them down. I do not know how the people around her can handle it! She just really needs to tone it down. Anyone else feel like this?At least she sort of makes up for this, by not being a perfect character.So if you are looking for mindless fun, quirky characters and crazy story lines then this is the perfect beach/lazy afternoon read!