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Divergent  - Veronica Roth Rating 9/10Review posted here:If you haven’t already realized by my mass adjective icons, I loved loved this book! It had me from the first page and I had to slow myself down as not to finish it in one go! It was an action packed thrill ride that never stopped. You have romance, intrigue, action, a handsome male lead and just pure epic-ness (yes I just used epic-ness in a review!).The politics of the 5 factions felt very real and it was very interesting to see how each faction differed. I also loved the dynamics between the initiates, instructors and leaders of Dauntless. Then there were these amazingly rich characters, friends or enemies, they were all fascinating to read about.There were also some twists and turns in the plot that delighted and surprised me, and as some of you know this is very important to me! And not to forget the smouldering male lead – oh Four why are you not real? And Tris – what a great kick-ass female heroine! I just love it when they are not the cookie cutter characters you see so much of these days.So if you are looking for a book that will leave you breathless and begging for more, you know what to read!*If you have read the novel, which faction would you have chosen?*What I liked:* Fast paced and action packed* Great characters* Intriguing and interesting* Very well written and thought outWhat I didn’t like:* That it had to end…