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The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl, Book 2)

The Arctic Incident - Eoin Colfer After last years debacle Artemis Fowl and Captain Holly short find themselves in a position they never thought would be possible. They start working together and adventure is sure to follow!I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. It was funny, entertaining and it felt a bit more "grown up" from the first one in the series. The adventure was a bit more daring and life threatening and I could not get enough of Butler (by far my favorite character)! Artemis also seems to have grown as a character. He seems to care more and be a little less of a "villain". A change I quite enjoyed.The world created by Mr. Colfer is rich and detailed, with lots of funny moments. It is also fast paced and action-packed with some crazy situations that the characters find themselves in, and even crazier ways they get themselves out of it.This novel and the first one is definitely a light read that you can pick up and have fun with. Ideal for those reading slumps when you are not in the mood for something heavy.