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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Warning: very mind spoilersR has a funny dry humor even if he doesn’t know it. On a raid for “brainssss” one day he meets Julie, but decides not to eat her. He takes her with him and so starts a very unique and strange relationship. Julie is sweet, yet a little too calm about her situation and R, and R, is well R… He is a zombie who likes brains and flesh, and get this: he has a family and children (not quite what you might think tho)! Then there is M, he is R’s best friend, a hulking big zombie who I would have loved to read more about!This novel is set somewhere in New York and mostly takes place in an abandoned airport where R has made a “nest” in a plane. The descriptions of how zombies act around each other and in daily life had me chuckling and there were even some eyebrow raising moments!The pacing really kept this novel moving along, although the ending was a bit too abrupt for me. I wouldn’t have minded another 100 pages or so to learn about everything that happened. My favorite part of this novel was R’s interaction with his “family” – definitely some of the best parts!So if you like zombies, don’t mind an unrealistic “romance” and some chuckling then try this!