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Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder Avry is in the unique position to be one of the last healers left in the fifteen realms, as well as the fact that everyone (except her lover Kerrick) thinks she is dead. She goes on an adventure where she has to pretend to be someone else. Together with new and old friends she plots to take down Tohon.Just like it’s predecessor, this novel was so fantastically rich with detail and it did justice to the genre: fantasy. The setting is so vast and well described that you feel like you are in another world, transported by just picking up the novel.Avry is a person we can all relate to. Sure we don’t have healing powers, but her love for her friends and the people around her can only inspire. The host of secondary characters are all so different from each other, but yet they all want the same thing. You can’t help but like each and every one of them. Sometimes even the villains!The peace/death lilies might not be characters, but I think of them as just that. I want to know more about them and if I could I would climb into one myself and let it reveal all its delicious secrets to me! The writing flows seamlessly and I will be sure to pick up another book by Maria V. Snyder very soon.