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Marked  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast Rating 6/10*Please note there might be some adult content discussed in this review:I was really surprised at the new and unique take on vampires in this novel. Zoey is a fun character and easily relate-able. I really felt for her and her family situation, but I must say after the action packed beginning things got a little bit slow towards the end.Some of the happenings (attempt at a blow job) and vocabulary "boobie" or "poopie" (even my spellchecker wanted to fix these words!) just made me cringe.But nevertheless it was a fun and entertaining read with several twists and turns. Zoey's friends were a great bunch of different yet interesting characters that I want to know more about!I had a few gripes tho, for the life of me I can't imagine the characters with symbols on their foreheads. Every image I conjure up just looks silly! I might have expected a bit too much from this novel, but I will definitely read the next one to see where it leads.PS: Note that there are some topics in this novel that are not always Young Adult!For those who have read it (SPOILERS):Also I think Erik is only attracted to Zoey for one reason, her filled in tattoo which clearly means she is special. Also he has stalker qualities to him... I also want to clarify something, someone that is a "slut" is not someone who looks sexy or kisses your boyfriend, or even likes your boyfriend for that matter. Calling everyone a slutty also doesn't make it true.