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The Hallowed Ones

The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle Katie is Amish and she lives life a certain way with certain rules and beliefs. Things change however when something dark and sinister happens in the “outside” world! Katie has to decide is community and family worth the risk to find the truth and break the rules? Oh and the very interesting young man she is hiding in the barn doesn’t make things very easy!I loved Katie, she is smart, can think for herself and very tough (trust me she has to do something that only a few of us could handle)! She also challenges people and wants to go on her Rumspringa so she can experience life before she commits to being Amish. I also found the whole Amish community very interesting and I love how it was incorporated into this fascinating novel! Everything was also explained very well without feeling like you got a history lecture.The novel is set in a small Amish community with only a few other places touched upon. And I think this small setting only increased the mystery and suspense! And lets just talk about the fact that this is a YA/Paranormal/Horror with a Amish setting! How unique and refreshing!There is a reason I didn’t give this novel 5 stars, and trust me I am tempted! Katie did something that I thought was very out of character and it shocked me. I felt like this is something that could have been excluded. I am sure I am in the minority here tho lol.I must also mention that the Paranormal element was down right scary! No fluffy bunnies or sparkly anything in the story! I definitely recommend this is you like YA/Paranormal/Horror, and if you have never read something like this, try it! I also cannot wait for the next in the series!