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Game for Anything - Nikki Meyer Every now and then I enjoy reading an autobiography/biography. This one was one I could really relate to, as I share the author’s love for the Kruger National Park, animals and the bush in general. This story starts in Botswana and takes a few interesting twists and turns from there on. All of this is told in amusing and sometimes hilarious narratives. Nikki Meyer starts her story still living in comfort and sporting high heels and ends up finding out that true happiness can be found in the middle of nowhere.This was a very easy flowing book to read and it kept me entertained the whole way through. It was also very easy to imagine all the scenarios described and I even ended up telling my Fiancée about most of them. I want to tell you guys all about it, but that would just spoil the experience.And how can I not love the setting? I love the bush and I can only imagine living in the Kruger National Park! This is definitely a book that any animal and bush lover will enjoy.