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The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay What an emotional and heart-wrenching novel that I did not see coming! Sure I saw the great reviews of fellow bloggers, but I don’t think I was emotionally ready for such an intense story. Nastya doesn’t speak anymore, she stopped shortly after something terrible happened to her. She wears outfits that shock, because why not? She feels as if her life is already over, so why be the perfect girl. Josh goes through life very lonely, and has to live with the hand he has been dealt. So yea both characters have tons of baggage and both have so much to work through, and when they get thrown together, things get interesting!What I loved so much about this novel:(1) the mystery about what really happened to Nastya(2) no insta love of any kind(3) the story didn’t feel rushed at all(4) I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every line(5) fantastic supporting characters(6) the book will stay with me for a long long timeThis was definitely one of those once in a lifetime books, that took me through a range of emotions that I don’t often have for fictional characters. I think it is because the author took such care to develop the story and wrote it beautifully. Read this!