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Chobits, Vol. 01 - CLAMP *Warning Mild Spoilers*This is a very hard Manga to review. I am torn, on the one hand I loved the concept of Persocon's. They are super cute and to be honest I want my own!Then there is also "Plum" that is a small persocon, and called a laptop. How awesome do you get!?Then there is the other side of me that felt a little "dirty" reading this. Why does Chi's on switch have to be down there?! Seriously?? And why does Hideki's friend have to fondle Chi's breast?! Then there is the fact that all the persocon's are scantly dressed and the whole thing is just creepy.And then Hideki has this big issue affording Underwear, come on dude, it is not that expensive and why are you buying it from a Lingerie shop anyway? Makes no sense.Will I read on? I have no idea. I am intrigued but also offended, so will see. No idea why I liked it as much as I did tbh. On second thought maybe it was the artwork! It is gorgeous!Illustrations: 4 starsStory: 2 stars - Dodgy :POverall: 3 stars