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From Fabletown with Love - Shawn McManus, Chris Roberson In this spinoff Cinderella is not the typical Cinderella I have come to known through the years, as it takes place after the whole dealings with the lost glass slipper, marrying this prince etc. Cinderella is now a divorced spy that owns a shoe shop called The Glass Slipper! And get this... her handler is Beast from Beauty and the Beast!But let me not give everything away. Cinderella goes on one hell of an adventure with a swoon worthy hero (think flying carpets and Arabian nights) and some interesting talking animal sidekicks! And on top of this she has to deal with a shoe sales assistant that thinks he can run her business anyway he wants.And although I didn't think the illustrations were as good as they could have been, the story more than made up for it. Loved it!Illustrations: 3.5 starsStory: 5++ starsOverall: 5 stars