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Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward I always find it hard to review The Blackdagger Brotherhood books, because there is are much details and spoilers, that I can only say the bare minimum. So here is short recap of what I thought: This series never fails to disappoint! Rehvenge is bad-ass vampire/sympathy who lives a fascinating life of crime. He owns several establishments, sells lots of drugs and he has a few ladies working the clientele in his club, Zerosum. But basically he is just one bad ass vampire and Gangster.Then we get Ehlena, a woman that finds herself attracted to Rehvenge, even though she doesn’t know much about him. But let me tell you, JR Ward sure knows how to write steamy scenes! We also get the Brotherhood of seriously sexy men clad in leather and ready to kill lessers. And in this book we get to see a bit more of John, Wrath, Bella and Xhex! Oh how I can’t wait for a book about her and John! /fans myself. Oh and then there is Lash. The sun of the Omega and all around evil guy, who I just want to slap a few times. But I am sure his time will come!Not to spoil anything, but at the end of the book I was like:And I cannot wait to see where the next installment takes me!