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Carrie - Sissy Spacek, Stephen King *** Spoilers Ahead! ***I wanted to read Carrie so I could watch the 1976 movie, as well as the upcoming movie later this year. And I must say I am really happy I did! This is a cautionary tale against bullying and the consequences that could follow. What makes it so horrific is the fact that something like this is very possible.Carrie grows up with a religious fanatic mother who doesn’t teach Carrie the basics that every girl should know. She doesn’t seem to love her either and Carrie is a disappointment and a regret to her. Carrie is bullied by the other girls and feels out of place, that is until Tommy asks her to the Prom. I loved this part of Carrie’s story, she seemed happy and she was coming out of her shell.What happened to her was terrible and I can understand why she acted the way she did. At times I felt everyone deserved what they got, and the other times I felt so sad for the innocent people who were just caught in the crossfire. I also think the tragedy could have been avoided. If Tommy wasn’t hit by the bucket I think he would have stopped people laughing and would have helped Carrie keep calm.This is a different type of horror story than what I am used to. It feels real and has such a terrifying edge to it that I was hooked from the first word!