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Finding Claire Fletcher - Lisa  Regan It has happened again, that book you get for review that becomes an instant favorite and reminds you why you accept review requests. If I could shout about this book from the roof tops at the passing planes, I would (although my neighbors might not appreciate it), and I doubt the people in the planes would hear me. Instead I want to share my experience with each and everyone one of you.Read this book!Yip it as simple as that. It was one hell of a thrill ride that took me through various emotions: Horror, shock, relief, excitement, grief and last but not least it kept me up late into the night.Claire and Conner are very realistic characters and they have a very interesting story to tell. Claire was abducted when she was 15. Her tormentor keeps her “loyal” to him through fear, torment and threats. This was shown in a very unique way, by switching from present to past points of views and from Claire to Connor.The writing was fantastic, the pages basically turned themselves, but not because this is a happy “feel good” book, but because it kept me guessing, kept me hoping and had me enthralled. I was hook from the first page, and I wondered a lot what I would do in a similar situation as Claire. I don’t want to give too much away, but wow the things this abducted woman/girl went through was heart-wrenching and horrifying, and I just wanted to find out what happened to her, more like I needed to know.So if you like a good mystery/physiological thriller then I HIGHLY recommend Finding Claire Fletcher.