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Uses for Boys - Erica Lorraine Scheidt Anna used to be everything to her mother, but when she got older her mother started dating man after man and ignoring Anna completely. Anna has to make her own way, survive the only way she knows how.This novel caught me by surprise. Anna is a confused girl in a messed up world where she is lonely and neglected. Her mother loves herself and the men in her life more than Anna and she is totally oblivious to anything pertaining to Anna. A very sad and heart-wrenching thing to read about! Anna turns to boys herself, trying to find comfort in them. Trying to fit in somewhere where she is wanted and loved. So she does what so many other girls I know have done – feel like they are not worth much and as long as a man gives them attention, they pretend to be happy.I saw a few reviews on this before and some reviewers said the writing was very abrupt with short clipped sentences. I found it very like Anna, she doesn’t beat around the bush. She says something and gets it over with.Some reviewers couldn’t understand why Anna did what she did, why she didn’t value herself. I have seen and known girls like Anna all my life, at some points in my life I even was her, and I don’t think it is something you can understand or be “ok” with unless you have seen girls like Anna. Anna’s story could never be one of rock-star success, she did the best with what she was dealt with.I thought the story was very deep and very real. Thought provoking and gritty, so if you are looking for a light fun read, then steer clear. If you have want something real with a elegant simplicity to it, then this is the book for you!