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The Tragedy Paper - Elizabeth LaBan Duncan is starting his senior year at Irving School, where he gets more than he bargained for. He is left a set of cd’s which tell a tragic yet heartfelt story, one that you will never forget! You hear the story from two points of views, Duncan, and Tim who has recorded his story on the cd’s. It is all about something that happened the previous year, something that changed both their lives in various ways.Tim was a very fascinating character. The way he saw himself and the fact that he is an albino was a unique story with lots to reflect back on. Then there is Vanessa and Patrick – they have the kind of relationship that I have seen so many times before, a relationship that shouldn’t even be, but yet it is. And then there is Duncan. He is trying to get through his senior year, learning about love, regret and most of all forgiveness.I found both the cover and the title really aptly named and designed. It tells you a story and it reflects the novel very well. All in all a really profound novel that I wish I could elaborate more on, you will just have to read it and see for yourself!9/10