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One Pink Line - Dina Silver Sydney is writing her final exams at college when she suddenly realizes that she is pregnant! An amazing story then follows where you learn who the father is, Sydney’s future and what happens with her child. Told from two perspectives this story grabbed me and wouldn’t let go! The characters were all so vivid and fascinating that the pages basically turned themselves.Sydney is an amazingly strong person that can also make mistakes. But she owns up to her faults and she tries to make the best of her life while trying to be a good mother. I felt that the story was portrayed very realistically and I also felt that Dina Silver had a very good grasp on what it feels like to be abandoned/ignored by one of your parents. And I really appreciated that she didn’t make the subject seem trivial.Switching between the two points of views was effortless and I never felt that I wanted to hear from one more than the other. And most importantly the characters remind you what love is, to appreciate your family and that everything happens as it should even if you feel like your world is falling apart.The cover is what initially drew me to the story and I must say I love having a story that is just as fantastic as the cover! So if you like a contemporary that will make you feel all types of things while having a really great message and story, then I say don’t miss out on this novel!