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Unbreakables - Joe Pringle Unbreakables was a very exciting and action packed read that I could hardly put down! The book is about 3 guys who are undervalued and underemployed. Together they decided to get away from their normal lives where they struggle to make ends meat. They plan on doing this by robbing a high-end jewelry store where diamonds are being kept for safekeeping by the police – a victimless crime.This book could easily be made into a movie and join the ranks of the Italian Job and The Town. Although not with so many twists and turns, the novel rather gives you an insight on these 3 guys and who they really are. All 3 guys are relate-able to in some way and each of them reminsd me of one of my friends. You have the brainy IT guy, the smooth ladies man and the guy that keeps a level head and tries to do right by everyone.Joe Pringle has a way of creating a setting where you feel that you are right there. It is very vivid and well described. You don’t feel for a second lost in the surroundings or left out of the plan. I also enjoyed the South African setting. It is always refreshing to read about a town or place that you have actually been to, and where the country/town isn’t represented in an unfair or biased light.So if you like rooting for the underdog, or even the bad guy and you like an action novel that doesn’t jump the shark (like lots of action movies, lets be honest) then this is the book for you.