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Breaking the Devil's Heart - H.A. Goodman Stewart and Layla gave up heaven so that they could find the root of evil and destroy it. Sure they could have been Angel’s and lived life in heaven, but that isn’t what they wanted to do. So now they are trying to find out, 1 – how the formula that the devil and the demons use to corrupt humankind works, and 2 – how to stop it.Stewart is a smart man who does not give up. He is willing to do whatever it takes to take down evil and end human suffering. Layla is sweet and innocent, but you can see she is strong and just as determined. Together they are in a world of demons, angels, heaven and hell that is very fascinating!I love how the story unfolds and the pace keeps a steady level of action. And the storyline is one of the most unique ones out there! The idea that we are offered a formula to commit evil deeds is fascinating and the ins and outs of the whole operation of hell is treat to read about.I think the author did a lot of research to write this novel. There are a lot of historic occasions mentioned and I found it fascinating seeing it from the characters perspectives. The traveling and “flashbacks” of the characters was certainly a favorite aspect of mine. Not to mention the convoluted plot!Definitely a novel to read if you like something different that makes you think.