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Blue Bloods - Melissa  de la Cruz Blue Bloods are Vampires that rule high society in New York. They go to all the exclusive schools, have lots of influence and even model from time to time. Enter Schuyler who never knew what she was or her family history. But as things get revealed more questions surface.Schuyler was an interesting enough character – she is easy to relate to and it felt like she was a normal girl thrust into a world that was very alien to her, yet home in a strange way.The novel is set in New York which makes for a great setting and it felt like Gossip Girl meets Vampires which is just the type of book I would enjoy! The girls are sassy and fashion conscious and the boys are hot. There is also a character named Bliss that I really enjoyed. Not sure why, but I hope we see more of her in the next books!The novel had a great flowing pace and the reading was easy; and the storyline behind the disappearance of the Colony of Roanoke was a very interesting and fascinating take!I love all the covers of in the series and I will most likely collect the different covers. I will also definitely continue reading this series to see where it takes me.