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Pretties - Scott Westerfeld Series review:This is a series I have wanted to read for awhile and finally got the chance to when a group member on goodreads nominated it for a challenge. Well only the first book, but I couldn’t stop there, I devoured the series in a about 4 days!Tally Youngblood’s world was absolutely fascinating! The way society view beauty and what is beautiful felt very real and very scary.Characters:Tally – Although she often irritated me with her decisions she came into her own and I must say the Tally in book 3, was my favorite Tally.Shay – Shay was a constant friend and enemy and she really spiced up the book!David – David wasn’t my favorite character. I think he had a disadvantage tho, coming from where he came from. I don’t think he understood Tally’s world as well as he could have.Zane – I absolutely loved Zane and my full support was behind him all the way!Dr Cable – Truly the stuff of nightmares!Setting and World Building:The world is set in the future where humans as we know them today, died out because of a virus that destroyed fossil fuels. From there on little secluded cities were created where everyone got an operation at 16 to be made beautiful. It is all because chemically and subconsciously we treat people who look vulnerable and beautiful with reverence, and that was unfair to “uglies”.There were a few things I would have liked to know about the world, but I find that everything you need to know was provided and thought out.Language and Writing:The books were very well written, don’t get me wrong, the “Pretties” speech (although understandable within character) really got on a my nerves a bit. Vocabulary like: “pretty-making”, adding “-la” after everyone’s name and “bubbly”, for when something is cool got a bit much.I found the pacing consistent and perfect for these kind of novels! If you are looking for action packed, fast paced books, something like The Hunger Games or Divergent, then this isn’t it.Recommend:I would recommend this series of books to people who would like to read sci-fi but are a bit scared of it. This is a nice soft sci-fi series with dystopian elements.But overall a series I would recommend and re-read!Next:I hear there is a 4th book? Or a book that takes place afterwards:Extras (Uglies, #4) by Scott WesterfeldCan anyone tell me if it is worth it?