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When the Sea is Rising Red - Cat Hellisen Review posted here: http://sugarandsnark.co.za/?p=4986Felicita lives in a world where the elite can do magic. They are addicted to something called scriv which awakens the magic within themselves. But she decides that a life with her family always planning her every move and an arranged marriage is going to far. Thus we start a journey that takes Felicita to places she never thought she would go, and making choices she never thought she would have to.This novel has a whole host of fantastic characters. Felicita is a strong main character that you learn to understand, Dash is the mysterious guy that leaves you guessing but Jannik was the character I most enjoyed! He was fascinating and unlike any other character I have ever read about.The world is intriguing and very well imagined, not the mention the fantastic writing!The Title and the Cover is what first grabbed me and I think it sums up the book quite well. It’s not one of those covers that have nothing to do with the story, and the title is very well allocated. I must also mention that I have a hardcover copy and it beautiful!Although a bit slow at times for my taste, the story progressed nicely and kept me hooked. What I also enjoyed was that the book isn’t at all predictable. The characters make choices you don’t foresee and the book surprised me. Definitely a must read for all Fantasy lovers!