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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini Dreamless was a fantastic sequel! I love it when a series surprises me and keeps on getting better. I felt like this novel was more action packed without too much unnecessary waffle. And a new character Orion is introduced! Now normally I would hate yet another love triangle, but I don’t even mind, Orion is just so swoon-worthy!The mythology was enthralling and the story line was interesting and kept the pages turning. There might be lots of main/secondary characters in this novel, but I felt more comfortable with all the names and what everyone could do this time around. The introduction of all the gods/goddesses and some more characters only made the novel richer in detail.I also loved how the story flowed so easily from the first into the second book. I enjoyed how all the characters were re-introduced to the reader, it wasn’t that whole – read 5 chapters of what happened in the first book thing.Overall this book has everything you want! Forbidden Romance, Action, Mythology and Mystery! Definitely worth the read and I will pick up the third and last one in the series one for sure.For those who have read the book:Didn’t you just love Morpheus? I would have stayed with him :)I wish someone would slap Daphne and Jason, they really irritate me!What I liked:* Orion* The Mythology