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Anna Karenin - Leo Tolstoy I was worried that this was going to be another Wuthering Heights experience for me (It took me 3 months to finish it and I hated every second), but I was surprised to find that it was not the same and that I really enjoyed it!I loved the society, balls, dinners and how these people’s lives revolved around it. Some are really ignorant to the world outside and the crazy amount that was spent on feeding their friends, like the 1000 ruble sauce was very outrageous, but yet I liked reading about it. I also enjoyed that Tolstoy is upfront, he tells you something like it is and doesn’t try and sugar coat it, or try and justify some of the characters behaviors. But saying that I must mention that he does go off on a tangent and talks about elections and religion for pages…I am still not sure why this is called Anna Karenina, sure she plays a big role, but characters like Levin were also equally important.Anna is definitely not my favorite character. She is selfish and really paranoid! I found myself siding with all the other characters and especially her husband.So overall a book everyone should read. Tolstoy writes a very vivid world with very interesting characters and I think if you have the patience you should give it a shot!What I liked:* Russian Culture* Levin and his farmWhat I didn’t like:* Pages and pages that could have been left out!* Anna