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The Field Guide (Spiderwick Chronicles (Hardback)) - Holly Black; Tony Diterlizzi I watched the movie and loved it! So I when the book became available on bookmooch I had to get it. This was such a cute and fun read that was perfect for my bath time.The illustrations (every now and then on a page) was so vivid and brought something to the story. The story is fast paced and filled with mystery and magic! And although this is a children’s/middle grade book it kept me entertained and those pages turning!The 3 Grace children are so different from each other, Mallory the aggressive overprotective sister, Simon that collects and looks after everything that moves and then Jared the one that doesn’t just accept things, he has to explore and know more!I can see myself reading the rest of the series and one day reading it to my children! So if you like magic and fantasy and don’t mind a short read, then this is also for you!