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Gossip Girl  - Cecily von Ziegesar Rating: 5/10I didn’t expect a wow when starting this novel. I LOVE the Gossip Girl series and I wanted to see where it all started. And it was what I expected, and entertaining bath read that was easy and fun to read.You enter the world of privileged teenagers, that get what they want when they want it. Nothing is too expensive or too illegal for them. They have affairs, cat fights and it all gets documented by an unknown person that calls herself Gossip Girl, that is if Gossip Girl is actually a girl.Sometimes the characters do something a bit too outrageous or they pick fights about stupid things, but it only builds the world you are reading about.So overall an entertaining short read that you can check out if you have a few hours to spare. But I suggest the TV Series above the book. I would check out the next in the series to see where it leads tho.Compared to the TV Series (spoilers):Characters:Blair – Very true to Blair, I loved reading about her!Serena – Maybe a little bit less outgoing than she is in the series, but still a great portrayal from book to show.Nate – He is still the Season 1-3 Nate, where he is actually relevant. Is it just me or did he become really boring in the last few seasons?Chuck – Complete Asshole… But he will turn around soon.Dan – Other than Dan smoking, he seems like the Dan I love :)Vanessa – Short cropped hair and she doesn’t wear colors…Jenny – Brunette with crazy big boobs…Other details:Chuck has a mother and father, and so does Serena.Cyrus Rose is dating Blair’s mother in this book.