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City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Rating 8/10I am very glad I finally rescued this book from my bookshelf and gave it a bit of attention, otherwise I would have missed out on a really fun and adventurous story. It grabbed me right away and kept me entertained all the way through. A real page turner!Clary is a likable character (even though I didn’t identify with her) whose escapades all over New York with two boys who are clearly in love with her, was fun to read about. Jace is swoon-worthy and Simon is the boy next door and I couldn’t help but like both of them!There were lots of twists and turns and lets not evens start with the crazy jaw dropping surprises! However I must mentioned all the comparisons to Harry Potter?! Really where? So if you want to read it because of that, don’t.I will definitely pick up the next in the series, which is already on my shelf! And I recommend this to anyone who likes a good Paranormal YA.What I liked:* Twists and Turns* Great MythologyWhat I didn’t like:* Jace never really seemed to care about Clary in my opinion.*******Major Spoilers:*********WHAT! They are brother and sister?! What!I really hope that in the next book it all gets sorted out and it turns out Valentine was only lying. Please don’t tell me if this happens tho.Hodge? He just betrayed everyone and nobody really seemed to care…