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Fated (Soul Seekers, #1) - Alyson Noel Rating 7/10I was a bit skeptical to read this new series by Alyson Noel after the Immortal Series. But I am glad I gave it a shot as it has a lot of potential and it was very different! It was a very refreshing and a fun read and Daire’s story has very interesting Native American mythology elements. What I also liked was that Fated had a mix of romance, mystery, paranormal and a sense of family.The Romance wasn’t over the top and insta love where Daire could do nothing else but to think of him – It was gradual and sincere. The story was nicely paced with the right amount of action and intrigue. Also with an amazing plot that was vividly described.The story plays of in Enchantment, a little town in the middle of nowhere which sounds like a nice place to kick up your feet and read a book. But of course this town has much more to offer. Portals, ancient wars between families and magic is only the beginning!Now I have to admit that every time I read the name Daire, I couldn’t help but think of Dair (Dan and Blair) which filled me with so much happiness! I know a bit strange, but true!So all in all a fun and interesting read.What I liked:* No Cliffhanger* No insta-loveWhat I didn’t like:* Daire went a bit crazy when her mother didn’t pick up the phone…