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The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa 10/10I have never had the pleasure of reading a novel by Julie Kagawa and wow is that going to change now! This novel too my breath away. It was action packed, thought provoking and any other aspect you want out of a novel! That is why I gave it a 10/10, there was nothing missing and the novel gave me everything I love about reading!The characters were relatable but yet diverse, the paranormal element fanatically described! I just love the fact that two of my favorite paranormal elements, aka Zombies and Vampires came together in this unforgettable novel!Allie is a kick-ass heroin and you can’t help but root for her! Zeke is the soft little sheep that follows whatever Jeb says. In a way I think Allie gave Zeke more backbone and Zeke softened Allie.The lore about Vampires and how the “Rabid” apedemic came about was so intriguing and the fact that Allie hated vampires but ultimately became one was such a great dynamic!Julie Kagawa is also an amazing writer that keeps you hooked until the end!This is probably one of those novels I will collect in the various editions and cover, as well as salivate for the next in the series! Ultimately a must read, breathtaking and one a post-apocalyptic world that will stay with you for a very long time to come!Read it! Read it! Read it!What I liked:* Everything!* Action packed and fast paced* Kick-ass heroine* Zombies and VampiresWhat I didn’t like:* The cover model should have been Asian, but I can’t hold it against the novel.