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Initiation (Secret Circle) - Lisa J. Smith The novel was entertaining and a great bath read! But at points it was also very frustrating because Cassie gets treated horribly by Faye for most of the book. I don’t know how she could stand it!Cassie and Adam also have a very strange relationship. It was a bit too Insta Love for my taste, but believable enough with the whole destiny thing.Basically an easy light read and I will continue to read the series when I get a chance.I don’t have much more to say but I do have some notes on the book compared to the TV Series below.***Spoiler:***What?? They made a pact/spell so that they can’t be together. But it sounds like they will die if they do… A bit dramatic in my opinion.--Book vs TV Series:First off there are 12 members in the “club” (they call it the “circle” only sometimes) and not 6 members like on the show. I think the show got it right here. 12 Members are A LOT to keep track off!For some reason everyone in town knows that they are witches and that they belong to a “club”. So everyone including the principle is scared of them. The principle is not Faye’s mother like on the show but some other guy…All 12 live on the same street as each other. They also live in New Salem and not Chance Harbor.Adam is only in about 40% of the book and he is actually someone to lust after. The actor who plays Adam on the show just doesn’t do it for me… sorry!Cassie has brown hair and Diana seems to be blonde but you can’t really tell because Cassie has a HUGE crush on Diana and can’t stop talking about her and her hair, so you sort of tune it out after awhile.Where is Melissa? Did I miss her in between the 12? I don’t think so :( Oh yea and Cassie’s mom is alive the whole book through!So in my opinion the TV Show wins.-- What I liked:* Adam is much better* They do actual magic and don’t just talk about it-- What I didn’t like:* The fact that there are 12 members of the Circle!* Insta love* No Melissa!