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Angels & Demons  - Dan Brown Rating 7/10I have been meaning to read this book for some time and I am glad I finally did. It was a very entertaining read, that kept me guessing all the way through.The book starts of at CERN when Professor Langdon gets summoned there by the director of CERN to have a look at a branded sign on a dead body. Right away the book dragged me in. I have always wanted to go to CERN and I just loved reading about it.Then there is the Illuminati, which was even more fascinating. Their history has always intrigued me so this Dan Brown novel hit the spot.The novel is divided into 137 chapters or so, which leaves room for a LOT of cliffhangers. Oddly this only added to my experience.All in all this novel flowed really well and I will most certainly pick up the next in the series!What I liked:* Fast paced* Action packed* Lots of twists and turns!* Mystery and IntrigueWhat I didn’t like:* At some point Langdon takes something from the Vatican archives that is extremely old and fragile and then proceeded to run around with it in his pocket. This just made the archaeologist in me cringe!* There we some discrepancies. They would be looking for lets say 20 churches and then suddenly only 5.