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Farro - Arreana Farro was a fresh and adventurous tale about honor, magic and friendship. When Khensa learns what it means to be Farro her live changes. She goes and lives with Lateef who teaches her the ways of the Farro. But things quickly become more complicated and Khensa finds herself not just fighting for her safety, but for everyone's safety around her!This novel has great character development and a whole host of interesting and diverse characters. The world around Khensa was flawlessly developed and easy to read. Khensa comes from a place called Junktown and it sounds so amazing! So rich in color and life, as well as a sense of family. I wouldn't mind seeing a place like this!There is also a part in the book where they hunt kraken, which was so exciting and well described. The novel was fast paced and action packed!This book will stay with you long after you have read the last page.What I Liked:* Strong characters* Interesting mythology* Twists and turns in the plot* Great character interactionsWhat I Didn't Like:* A lot happens at once and the characters don't seem to be able to catch a break.