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Heist Society - Ally Carter 8/10Young Adult novels like Heist Society is the reason I love the YA genre! It was fun, quirky and full of action and mystery.Kat is a kick-ass heroine with witty commentary. She keeps a level head and you can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! I also loved it when she would tell stories about heists she would go on when she was little, or heists her father pulled off.There is also a whole host of characters that are interesting. They make you feel part of the “family” and their humor keeps the story flowing.The Author described scenes and events so well that you can imagine yourself in that situation. There are also some things left to wonder. What exactly is her mother’s story? Who is Vasily Romani?I think the story could have been spiced up a bit by using Real paintings that are missing. There are tons and any of them could have been used in this book.If you are looking for a fun and light read, then this is the one for you!***Spoilers:***I thought the scene where Kat surprises the boys by having “boobs” was lots of fun!